Mohammad Reza Kaazempur Mofrad, PhD

Professor and PI

Post-doctoral Scholars

Amin Valiei, PhD

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Graduate Students

Nya Domkam

PhD student

Ali Tamadon

PhD Student

Undergraduate Students


Ms. Anwaar Al-Zireeni (presently CEO and Co-founder of Diagnostics Startup Privail Inc.)
Dr. Ehsaneddin Asgari (presently Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology)
Dr. Amirhossein Arzani (presently Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University)
Dr. Mohammad Azimi (presently Quantum Software Engineering Manager at Rigetti Computing)
Mr. Alex Baelde (presently in Healthcare Project Manager at Poly-Shape)
Dr. Ahmed Bakhaty [co-advised with Prof. Sanjay Govindjee](presently Data Scientist at WorkDay)
Ms. Heather Bowerman (presently CEO and Founder at Dot Labs)
Mr. Jack Bulat (presently at U. Penn School of Medicine)
Dr. Preethi Chandran (presently Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Howard University)
Dr. Javad Golji (presently Senior Research Scientist at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR))
Dr. Zainab Haydari
Dr. Zeinab Jahed (presently Assistant Professor of Nanoengineering at UCSD)
Dr. Yousef Jamali (presently Assistant Professor of Bio-Mathematics at Tarbiat Modares University)
Dr. Helene Karcher [co-advised with Prof. Roger Kamm](presently Senior Research Scientist at Novartis)
Dr. Reza Karimi (presently Lead Data Scientist at Elsevier)
Dr. Ahmad Khalil (presently Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Boston University)
Dr. Mohammad Khavani Sariani (presently PostDoc at Texas Tech University)
Dr. Kevin S. Kolahi (presently Medical Resident at Stanford School of Medicine)
Dr. Joseph Leach [co-advised with Prof. David Saloner](presently Assistant Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at UCSF)
Dr. Seung Lee [co-advised with Prof. Roger Kamm](presently Co-Founder at Vintage Lab)
Dr. Ali Madani (presently Post-Doc at Salesforce Research)
Dr. Seyed Hanif Mahboobi (presently Senior Data Scientist at Amazon Web Services (AWS))
Dr. Kranthi Mandadapu (presently Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UC Berkeley)
Dr. Atsushi Matsuda (presently PostDoc at the University of Washington)
Dr. Mehrdad Mehrbod (presently CEO at NextGen Sequencing startup Riz-Araye Sharif)
Dr. Hassan P. Modarres(presently Founder and CEO of biomedical start-up company)
Dr. Andre Montes (presently PostDoc at National Institute of Health (NIH))
Dr. Ruhollah Moussavi-Baygi (presently Post-Doc at UCSF)
Dr. Ioanna Pagani [co-advised with Prof. Sanjay Kumar](presently a Staff Scientist, Bioinformatics at Life Technologies Corporation)
Dr. Sephalie Patel (presently Anesthesiologist at Moffitt Cancer Center)
Mr. Stephen Peter (presently Senior R&D Engineer at Ceterix Orthopaedics)
Dr. Mohaddeseh Peyro (presently Lecturer at Santa Clara University)
Dr. Nur Aida Abdul Rahim [co-advised with Profs. Roger Kamm and Peter So](presently technology consultant at Luna Innovations Inc)
Dr. Seyyede Fatemeh Seyyedsalehi (visiting PhD student)
Dr. Amir Shamloo (presently Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology)
Dr. Dena Shahriari (presently Assistant Professor of medicine  at UBC)
Dr. Hengameh Shams (presently Post-Doc at UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences)
Dr. Mohammad Soheilypour (presently at CEO and Co-Founder of Nexilico Inc.)
Mr. Daniel Shreter (presently at Director WW OEM Marketing at Microsoft)
Mr. Nima Vahdati Nia (presently R&D Engineer at Edwards Lifesciences)
Dr. Ashkan Vaziri (presently Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University)
Dr. Eli J. Weinberg (presently at McKinsey & Co.)
Dr. Sang-Hee Yoon (presently Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Inha University, South Korea)
Mr. Peter White (presently Vice-President of Product Management at Salesforce)
Dr. Ting Zhu (presently Associate Professor of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University, China)