Prof. Mohammad Mofrad is elected for American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)’s college of fellows.

Theoretically this should not show up on the news page.

Our integrin models get highlighted by LBNL NewsCenter

Lab alum Sang-Hee Yoon joins the Inha University faculty as assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Micro/Nano Soft Biomechanics Laboratory. Congratulations, Prof. Yoon!

Zeinab Jahed wins the NSERC scholarship, Canada’s top award for graduate studies. Congratulations, Zeinab!

Mofrad named Academic Editor of PLoS One.

Mofrad named to Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions of Biomedical Engineering.

Lab alum Preethi Chandran joins Howard University faculty as assistant professor of Chemical Engineering. Congratulations, Prof. Chandran!

Mohammad Azimi wins the 2012-2013 Craven & Lewis Fellowship. Congratulations, Mohammad!

Mofrad named to Editorial Board of Cytotechnology.

Reza Karimi defends his PhD thesis on “The Role of Hydrodynamic Interactions in the Dynamics and Viscoelasticity of Actin Networks”. Congratulations, Dr. Karimi

Helene Karcher, a PhD alum of the group, has won the prestigious 2011 Pierre Faurre Prize awarded by the Ecole Polytechnique Foundation. This prize acknowledges a “particularly promising career start in an industry with strong scientific and innovative components…. and the recipient should have significantly contributed to both science and its translation in industry”. Congratulations, Dr. Karcher!

Javad Golji completes his PhD thesis on “Molecular Dynamic of Mechanosensing and Mechanotransduction at the Focal Adhesions”. Congratulations, Dr. Golji!

Lab alum Ahmad “Mo” Khalil joins Boston University faculty as assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations, Prof. Khalil!

Lab alum Mohammad-Reza Alam joins UC Berkeley faculty as assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering. Congratulations, Prof. Alam!

Lab alum Heather Bowerman named to White House OSTP!

Mofrad named to Editorial Board of ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering!

Hengameh Shams receives Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations, Hengameh!

Dr. Amir Shamloo receives Siebel Post-doctoral Fellowship. Congratulations, Amir!

Javad Golji named 2011 Siebel Scholar. Congratulations, Javad!

Sang-Hee Yoon completes his PhD thesis on “Programmable Manipulation of Adherent Cell Motility Using Biological Breadboards”. Congratulations, Dr. Yoon!

Javad Golji and Mohammad Azimi won 1st and 2nd place awards in the PhD student paper and podium presentation competition at the 2010 ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference. Congratulations, Javad and Mohammad

Mofrad receives tenure with promotion to associate professor, effective July 1, 2010. Enormous thanks to all lab members, colleagues and collaborators for all your contributions over the years!

Mohammad Mofrad has received a 2010 National Science Foundation CAREER award!

Mofrad publishes new BioE Text!

Joe Leach completes his PhD thesis on “Patient-Specific Mechanical Analysis of Atherosclerotic Arteries with Resolved Pre- and Post-Rupture Intraplaque Composition”. Congratulations, Dr. Leach!

Mofrad named to Editorial Board of the Journal of Biomechanics!

Mofrad receives Hellman Faculty Award

Eli Weinberg defends his PhD thesis on “Multiscale Simulations of the Human Aortic Heart Valve: Applications in Disease and Surgery”. Congratulations, Dr. Weinberg!

Seung Lee successfully defends his PhD thesis on “Mechanotransduction by Talin: A Molecular Dynamics Study of Force-Induced Recruitment of Vinculin to a Focal Adhesion Complex”. Congratulations, Dr. Lee!

Helene Karcher defends her PhD thesis on “The Mechanics of Mechanotransduction”. Congratulations, Dr. Karcher!

Mofrad named Regent’s Junior Faculty Fellow!